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Dino Kotopoulis!

More about Dino!

(By Marcia Biggs) " Dino Kotopoulis is a funny man.  He prefers the word "funny" not whimsical, mind you, because whimsical is just "too cute."  He seeks delight in a stranger's eye, a smile of approval when he shows her his latest paintings of "square crows," his playful steel Rocking Horse, a metal chair in the shape of a Z that lets the sitter bounce like a baby.  The back of the chair is cut in the shape of... hmm, is that his own dancing silhouette?  And over there is a sleek wood chair topped with the carved head of a happy-go-lucky woman, hair blowing in the breeze atop her oh-so voluptuous cleavage. "

Dino Kotopoulis is an award winning artist, animation director, designer and character sketcher. His career credits include working for prestigious companies such as Universal Studios, Disney, Leo Burnett and Foote Cone and Belding. Kotopoulis won a Clio for his work on "Charlie the Tuna" commercials and “retired” in 1985 to pursue his own brand designs. Kotopoulis’ fine art sculptures are exhibited in major galleries, but it is his collection of fun, humorous and incredibly marketable animal characters such as Jimmyshoe KAT, AngeliKAT, Willy Whoop and the “Animal Grammar” ensemble that people recognize.

Newest Additions!

The Diva! $2,250.00

All Three Ewes! $5,500

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